Now Serving New Clients

The Law Office of William L. Tomlin is pleased to announce that it is now accepting new clients.

Owned and operated by Georgia attorney William Tomlin, the Law Office of William L. Tomlin is ready to serve the needs of both individuals and small businesses.  “The practice of law is a service, and that’s a big word, ‘serve.’  It’s not just about doing something for someone else; it’s about helping another person through what might the most difficult time in his or her life,” Mr. Tomlin said.

Mr. Tomlin has served clients in a number of capacities and brings to this practice the experience of having worked for some of the worlds biggest companies at a large, corporate law firm.

“While in big law, I got to represent some pro-bono clients and was able to get involved with some other volunteer work, and I realized that that’s where I could really be of service.  These big corporations will always have the lawyers they need, but people on main street and smaller companies and start ups don’t always know where to go for help.  That’s what I’m here for.  I can help,” Mr. Tomlin said.

With general litigation experience, Mr. Tomlin can serve clients in a number of areas of law, and Mr. Tomlin also has a background in employment, environmental, and land use law.  In addition to litigation experience, Mr. Tomlin can also advise small businesses on company policies to help establish responsible business practices.

If you or your small business needs help with any legal matter, please contact the Law Office of William L. Tomlin at (678) 743-1894 or click here.